Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I've been meaning to try out ombre nails for a while so when my mum randomly picked up this blue Rimmel shade for me the other day I thought it would work quite nicely combined with the 17 lilac shade I already had. All I did was layer on a couple of coats of the Rimmel polish to get an opaque colour as it is quite thin and then lightly sponge on a layer of the 17 shade, adding in extra blue where appropriate to make sure it blended evenly as well as painting extra lilac on the tips to give it an opaque finish. I then sealed it with my Nails Inc matte top coat, which actually seemed to help blend the two colours together even more, weirdly! Anyway I'd thought that I'd find it really hard to do this technique but it turned out to be a lot simpler than I'd anticipated and gave much better results than I'd first thought as well, so it's definitely worth a try if you haven't already!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

long & short

Dress: COS; necklace: Topshop: flatforms: Vagabond via ASOS; clutch: ASOS.

Officially in love with my new Cos dress. It's my first ever Cos purchase and definitely won't be my last. It feels like I've been looking for the perfect black asymmetric dress for forever and after some unsuccessful attempts to find a somewhat cheaper alternative (such as this ASOS one which turned out to be a really weird fit on the shoulders) I finally just sucked it up and forked out the £79 for this one, and it was so worth it. The cut is just perfect and it is so comfortable and easy to wear. I can see myself styling it for both warm and cold weather, either layered up or pared down. I figured that for its first outing I'd style it pretty simply with my flatforms, neon clutch and a statement necklace, as I was going to watch my sister's dance show at our local theatre so a somewhat evening-y look was appropriate. I'm pretty sure I got a few stares, whether they were good or bad I don't know but, if I'm honest, I don't right care! It seems flatforms are the main culprit for offending narrow-minded types, take the majority of comments on this Boohoo facebook post that I spent a good length of time chuckling at the other day! They are a lot comfier than your usual six inch heels but it's safe to say that they take a bit of getting used to. I found this out almost immediately when  I wore mine out for 
the first time and proceeded to fall right on my arse in the middle of Urban Outfitters. Yeah, ashamed doesn't even cover it. Because they are, y'know, flat you forget that there is a heel there for you to fall off, so the minute you lose you're balance you're a bit buggered! Still I absolutely adore them and after a couple more wears I've got a lot more used to them, but that's my word of warning to anyone whose thinking of getting a pair themselves: go for it, just try not to fall over in the middle of a public place like me!