Saturday, 31 March 2012


Top: H&M; skirt: Topshop; necklace: Topshop; clutch: ASOS; brogues: Topshop; ring: Miss Selfridge.

My brother showed up yesterday and he'd got himself a new camera lens so I coerced him into taking some photos for me. The weather was still pretty nice, albeit a bit colder, so I went for some longer layered pieces, including this new H&M top which I had actually ordered about two weeks ago but it just took forever to arrive for some reason? Anyway I absolutely love the asymmetric cut and the paint effect detail, although the super bright sunlight (and the brother's growing boredom of taking photos of me and having to keep changing the settings) meant that I couldn't quite photograph all the detail but it's lovely so  just take my word for it! I thought I'd continue the accent of yellow with my new clutch, I figured since it's a neon yellow that it wouldn't be overly "matchy" and just help highlight the colour detail. What do you think?

P.S. Birthday tomorrow! Will spend the morning in pj's being lazy and (hopefully) opening  all my cards and pressies followed by a meal in the evening at Salvo's in Headingley with the family. Excited!

Friday, 30 March 2012

it ain't like that anymore

 Dress: ASOS; body chain: Diva @ Miss Selfridge; bag: Aldo; boots: ASOS.

This week's nice weather (twenty-odd degrees in March? Must be the end of the world) has meant that I've dug out the obligatory sundress, although I'm still not ready to lose the tights just yet. I obviously had to make it that bit more interesting by pairing it with the neon bag and studded body chain, plus my now mandatory purple lipstick. I wore this earlier in the week for my weekly trip to the hospital followed by a wander into town in which I remembered why it is that I very rarely go shopping in Halifax for anything other than toiletries or maybe a pasty. The inability of River Island/New Look/Topshop to stock anything other than predictable jersey basics and anything over a size 10 is kind of offensive. I reckon from now on I'll stick to buying my clothes online and during an occasional trip into Leeds/Manchester. If I'm honest having lived literally 2 minutes from the centre of Newcastle for the year I was at university has left me feeling pretty disappointed with my local town/city centres. The fact that I was within walking distance of well-stocked high street stores, numerous department stores and everything in between has left me pretty spoiled. As much as living in Newcastle had its drawbacks, I would say that the shopping there was pretty decent and I really do miss it from time to time.

On another, less ranty note, in case you missed my last post in which I in no way beg for a PS3, it is my 20th birthday in two days and it only really dawned on me the other day that this means I will officially no longer be a teenager! I know some people say your teenage years should be the best of your life, and it does make me sad to think that I will no longer be able to use the "I'm a teenager" excuse, but I really won't miss it. At all. Anyone else feel the same about turning 20, or is it just me?

Monday, 26 March 2012

birthday wishlist

Since it's my birthday in less than a week (6 days to be precise) I thought I'd compile a few of the things that I wouldn't say no to, gift-wise. Granted my Disneyland trip is my major present so I'm not expecting a lot but it's nice to imagine all the same, plus give any ideas to those who aren't quite sure (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!). I've been after a PS3 ever since the sodding thing came on the market but just haven't had a viable reason/sufficient funds to get one for myself so instead I will have to wait upon the charity of others! My main reason for wanting a PS3 is so I can finally play the 13th Final Fantasy installment (have so far played, and completed, 8 through 12. Final Fantasy nerd and proud) but then they went and released a sequel as well so now I just have to play it. It isn't supposed to be particularly good in comparison to the rest of them but it's like if you love a TV show but the later series are nowhere near as good as the earlier ones, you're still compelled to watch even if you're likely to end up disappointed (I'm looking at you True Blood). I'm just hoping that when Final Fantasy Versus XIII eventually comes out, or whatever it's going to be called, it'll be so super cool and edgy that we can forget that the other ones were a bit shit. Plus I really want to be able to play the Silent Hill HD Collection when it comes out, I was a bit too young to play the originals when they were first released so I'm looking forward to being scared shitless when the remake comes out (that second link makes me laugh so hard even though it's from one of the scariest games ever, Amnesia. Play with caution!)

Anyway, moving on from the video game topic (I bet I've bored you all to death!), I am otherwise after another camera lens, can't decide if I'd be better off with a zoom lens or macro, so any help from those of you who have more DSLR know-how than I do would be greatly appreciated! Aside from that there's a few pieces of jewellery I'm currently eyeing up along with the Topshop dresses and the independent designer leather pieces from Boticca and then an American Dad boxset because I could pee myself laughing at American Dad for hours! Not much then haha!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

photo diary #7

1: Flower from the bouquet my brother gave my mum for mother's day. It had gone all droopy so my mum gave it to me in a little vase. A bit of time on it's own left it feeling a lot better! 2: New picture frame I got for my bedroom. £4 from The Range! 3 & 4: Mummy and daddy booked Disneyland Paris for my birthday, although we're going the week after my birthday as that's the only time they could get time off work. There are no words to describe how excited I am, I think I'm actually turning 2 not 20! 5 & 6: This week's ASOS purchases, grey seam detail maxi skirt, black slouch back vest & envelope laptop case in fluoro yellow; 7: The sofa for my studio room was finally delivered, also get to re-use the cushions from when I had the flat; 8, 9 & 10: Newly redecorated living room, it used to be all red and dark green and super chintzy, so it's lovely that's it all fresh and light in there now! 11, 12 & 13: It's Sky's 5th birthday today, so I thought I'd show you all my mad Photoshop skillz, plus some shots of him being quizzical/sleepy. You can tell I'm just a bit attached to him, can't you?

Had planned on posting this much earlier but blogger hasn't been agreeing with me today. It kept resizing the image to be too small so I had to split it into two, any idea how to stop it from doing that?

Saturday, 24 March 2012

grey marl & neon

Dress: Topshop; bag: Aldo via ASOS; boots: ASOS.

Another pretty simple outfit worn earlier this week. I had my weekly hospital appointment plus we ran a couple of errands in town so it didn't exactly call for anything particularly "out there" so I just threw on the grey midi and paired it with my neon bag. I've seen these two shades paired together before by others and thought they worked really well together, so I figured this combination would be a pretty safe bet. 

These photos were taken at Shibden Park, they apparently teach classes in dry-stone walling (yes that's a thing) so there were all these different examples of, well, dry-stone walls, one of which was this big circular one. So I thought, why not use it as an oh-so fun outfit photo background? Plus, y'know, little built in seats perfect for a jaunty accessory photo. What's not to like? 

Friday, 23 March 2012


Dress: Staple via ASOS; jacket: Boohoo; bag: Aldo via ASOS; boots: ASOS; ring: Miss Selfridge.

Thanks to my brother teaching me how to, I finally took my camera off auto settings (not that I didn't know how to switch my camera physically off auto, just that I didn't know what in god's name I was supposed to do once it was on it). Yes, I know I am ridiculously lazy/stupid for not going manual sooner, but I just couldn't figure it out and obviously didn't think to do what my brother did and check out some Youtube tutorials. Anyway since my ignorance has now been rectified its meant I've been able to take outfit photos that I am actually somewhat proud of, even if the person in them isn't exactly a looker! Granted my mum took these ones for me, but I suppose it just goes to show the difference a bit of effort makes! We went for a bit of an excursion to Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds at the weekend (mother's day to be precise) to make the most of the nice weather. We turned up to find the abbey itself was closed (stupid British opening times!) so instead we just wandered about and went and sat by the river to enjoy the last of the sun. Outfit-wise I just resorted to my favourite basics; the maxi shirt dress and oversized jacket but then added the neon bag for some colour. Not exactly groundbreaking, but I'm having one of those wardrobe crises where I'm pretty uninspired by a lot of what I own. I feel like I need to shake things up a little with more layering and playing with lengths and proportions, plus work with all the lovely colour that's coming through this season, rather than just stick to my usual black/neutral colour palette.

Anyway, since I have been playing with my camera's manual settings, I thought I'd share a few of the shots with you, plus as it was Mother's Day when these were taken I also thought I'd share the nommy meal my sister and I made. I made the main and my sister made dessert and it's safe to say we were all nursing serious food babies afterwards!

1: Spring daffy's; 2, 3, 4 & 5: The abbey; 6: Mummy and daddy; 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11: Along the river Aire; 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17: More of the abbey.

1: The chicken cacciatore I made; 2: Served with crushed new pototoes, it really was yummy, if I do say so myself! If you're ever looking for a meal that's really simple but tasty then I've linked the recipes for you to give it a go. Plus who doesn't love browsing the BBC Good Food site for a daily dose of food porn? 3 & 4: My sister's apple and raspberry crumble, obviously served with custard.

P.S. Apologies for not posting this earlier in the week, I seem to have become even more proficient in procrastination recently, not sure why! Anyway better late than never, I guess!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

photo diary #6

1: Sleepy Sky; 2: Sky's new tunnel which he greatly enjoys; 3: Company's High-Street Edit, one of the very few mainstream magazines I try to get every issue of. I love the quirky styling and I am a real sucker for seeing what's coming out on the high-street in the coming weeks; 4: Programme from when I saw Florence & the Machine at Manchester Arena on Thursday night, it was incredible, but the first time I saw her at the Manchester Apollo in 2009 will always be one of the best gigs I've ever been to, and I've been to A LOT; 5 & 6: New bags, neon yellow one is from Aldo via ASOS while the pink is from Accessorize; 7: Outfit worn to see Florence & the Machine (New Look shirt dress, Boohoo jacket, Accessorize bag) I had intended to do a proper set of outfit photos but the light was disappearing and my camera wasn't playing ball so you'll have to settle for just a snapshot; 8: Sky being adorable in his favourite hiding place behind the furniture.

I reckon I'm going to do my "week in photos" style posts more like this from now on, as the likes of the lovely Daisybutter and LLYMLRS do so well, I think it's the best way to do quick photo diary posts as it separates them out more from my outfit posts and takes up less general blog space. I've been a bit poo this week at outfit pictures, like I said in the captions above I had intended to do proper outfit photos on Thursday but it was late on when I finally had the chance to do them so the light levels were terrible and then my camera decided that it didn't want to take any photos at all, even with my brother on hand to help it still didn't do what it was supposed to, so I ended up with just a couple of pictures where my face looked pretty much like this hence why it's cut off! Please do accept Sky's face (x2) as a much cuter replacement!

P.S. I hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day those of you in the UK, and internationally for that matter! I don't think there's ever a wrong time to tell your mummy just how much you lovey-dovey them!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

on edge

Jacket: Boohoo; dress & skirt: In Love with Fashion; wedges: ASOS; ring: Miss Selfridge; watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; bracelets: various; nails: 17 Lasting Fix in Pink Grapefruit; lipstick: Mac Lipstick in Cyber.

This is the sort of outfit that I wish I could wear every single day. Layered oversized asymmetric pieces and massive heels finished with a flash of colour, it's the sort of look I've always wanted to play with but felt I've never quite had the right pieces and/or confidence to pull it off. Then I suddenly thought to pair my In Love with Fashion's amazing floaty asymmetric pink skirt and their staple high-low hem maxi dress along with my new oversized, long-line Boohoo jacket and I pretty much came out with one of my favourite outfits ever. No joke. Funnily enough though, I wore it somewhere it is likely to have gone pretty unappreciated as it was my sister's school production of Bugsy Malone. Granted my mum, dad and sister were big fans but otherwise the majority of people looked at me like I was a bit mental. Not gonna lie, I did in fact quite enjoy the reactions, I'd much rather look different and challenge people than be a carbon copy of everyone else!

Just on a side note, these outfit photos were much more in the style of much, much earlier posts using my trusty tripod indoors and I was just wondering what style of outfit photos you all preferred to see from me? I keep trying to get family members to take more outdoor pictures but it's difficult to get them how I want them to look when the person taking the picture is a bit of a photography novice (not that I'm any better mind you!) but I've always personally preferred seeing blogs where outfits are photographed out and about and in use, so I've been trying to do more of the same with my photos. However I'd really love to know which style you, my all-important readers, prefer? Is it out and about outdoor photos you'd rather see, outdoor (in my garden) photos using the tripod/family member or are you okay with the fail-safe combination of tripod & indoors photos? Let me know in the comments!