Tuesday, 29 May 2012

just killing time

Sleeveless denim jacket: vintage Levis; dress: Topshop; bag: Accessorize; boots: ASOS; sunglasses: Urban Outfitters; cross necklace: Urban Outfitters; skull necklace: Topshop.

This dress has got to be one of my favourites at the moment. It's so light and easy to wear and is perfect for that sort of 90's grungy look, which we should all know by now I am a big fan of. Obviously I had to play on that and pair it with my vintage sleeveless denim jacket and, after purchasing these sunglasses yesterday, I just had to put them on as well to take these photos. I was worried that round frames wouldn't suit me originally, I'd thought maybe having a round face combined with round sunglasses would make my face look the size of a planet, but I'd had these sat in my shopping basket online while I dithered about it but then actually going into UO yesterday and trying them on meant that I discovered that even with a round, chubby face like mine, you can still get away with retro round frames! I actually think they suit me a lot more than most other styles and I just know they'll make any outfit just that bit edgier!

Also, in case any of you are wondering why on earth I am wearing thick black tights when the weather has been so warm, I have a wax booked in a week's time so those of you who are aware of waxing, er, "preparation" can deduce from that what you will! God, it sucks being a girl sometimes.

Monday, 28 May 2012

photo diary #13

1: Summer time is curly straw time; 2: Finally got our Download Festival RIP passports. 8 days and counting! 3: New sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. Have been after some round-frame one's for a while and these are perfect! 4: Nails in 17 Lasting Fix in Parma Violet and Barry M Nail Effects in white; 5, 6 & 8: My Sky-baby on his lead playing in the garden. Yes, that is a rabbit, on a lead. I'm hoping to get him a new one that has an elasticated lead as this one yanks on him a bit too much when he tries to leg it off in another direction!

This past week has mainly been spent out in the garden enjoying the nice weather,  punctuated with the odd barbecue and taking my bunny for walkies. If I'm honest I'm basically just counting down the days until Download Festival, it's just helped that the weather's been super nice to keep me distracted. I'm just hoping it will last, or at least return, in time for Download!

Anyway I had meant to post this yesterday but, like I've said, sunshine = 1 distracted Alex! Having said that I had actually got out and about yesterday to go shopping in Leeds and so the outfit photo's from then should be up in the next day or two. The sunglasses were one of yesterday's purchases, along with this floral skirt, again from UO, but I hadn't had time to try it on before I bought it and got it home only to find that it was too small. It's not really surprising though to be honest, especially with the size of my bloody hips! The main reason for our shopping trip, however, was to get some festival-appropriate boots for my sister. She ended up getting these floral DM's from Schuh which I'm super jealous of as I really want a pair of DM's. We are the same shoe size though, so I might just get to share them with her....

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Jacket: Urban Outfitters; jumper: Dorothy Perkins; skirt: Mink Pink; belt; ASOS; bag: Aldo; boots: ASOS.

I told you that you'd get bored of seeing this jumper! Here it is again, but this time I paired it with my Mink Pink maxi skirt which has got to be one of the nicest maxi skirts I've bought in a while. It's just so comfy and easy to wear as well a being a lovely shape and length. It's not often that maxi skirts are actually a proper maxi length on me, being 5' 9" means that most skirts always fall a little short but this one is the perfect length. Anyway this outfit was intended to be quite comfy and casual as I was going to my weekly psychotherapy appointment at the hospital. I'd originally just thrown on the skirt and jumper, but it's been bloody freezing recently so I ended up digging out this army-style jacket I got a year or so ago, seen before here, that I'd kinda forgotten about! I think it works really well with the check skirt, giving it even more of that grungy vibe that I'm always after.

These photo's are courtesy of my mum, she's becoming quite the photographer if you ask me and has been taking some really great photos, much better than I can get just with my tripod and remote set-up! These were taken in Shibden Park again although this time I thought I'd go for the obligatory "surrounded by blossom" shots, after all it is super pretty at this time of year! Plus here's a few bonus shots I took of it myself, again you can't have a blossom related post without photos purely of said blossom!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

what now?

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins; top: Dorothy Perkins; culottes: Urban Outfitters; clutch bag: ASOS; ring: ASOS; wedge boots: ASOS; nails: as before.

I think you're going to get very bored of seeing this jumper. It's become my favourite item recently, not only is it super comfy and just right for keeping the unwanted British chill off, I feel like the white is ideal for brightening up an outfit without having to resort to super-bright colour. As much as I love this season's colour and enjoy playing around with it, there's just some days that I don't fancy it, if you know what I mean? Plus I seem to have developed a bit of a thing for all things monochromatic recently anyway. Obviously I still have to add my neon clutch to the proceedings as I now feel like an outfit isn't complete without that good-old flash of neon yellow. 

This was Sunday's shopping outfit anyway. I had detailed the day's purchases in my previous post but these culottes were an online purchase from earlier in the week and I'm really pleased with them. First of all I'm pleased I even managed to fit into a Large at Urban Outiftters as their sizing is notoriously skimpy if you ask me, especially in trousers. Although it doesn't really count here as these are supposed to be super-wide anyway so my big bum and thighs have plenty of room to fill up! Secondly, I think they're actually quite versatile as  they can be styled more minimally like this as well as all grungy with boots and a denim gilet and hopefully a crop top if I can tone up my tummy/back/arms a bit more (apologies for all the body griping by the way, today's just one of those days!)

Also, as you can see, I had donned my massive wedge boots as well. I don't know why but Sunday just felt like a heels day? Do any of you ever have those days?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

photo diary #12

1 & 2: Sale purchases from Urban Outfitters. Got this crop top, floral culottes and this friendship bracelet; 3: Nails in Models Own Jade Stone and Barry M Nail Effects in White; 4: Sky being a cutie-pie; 5 & 6: Today's shopping trip resulted in me picking up this River Island top that I've had my eye on. I think it's a right bargain for £25, it's a really interesting cut in both jersey and chiffon paneling so definitely worth the money if you ask me! 7: More of today's purchases, this time coloured vests from H&M, as I really need some more tops for exercise purposes, plus they're all nice enough to wear normally as well! 8: Another H&M vest top bought today, although this one is from the H&M Fashion Against Aids collection. For £14.99 this is yet another bargain if you ask me! Sorry I couldn't get the whole top in here, I have to crop the images down or the photo layout won't work!

Not exactly the most exciting week, this week! Again I haven't done much other than complete Resident Evil 3 and get myself embroiled in a pinterest argument where I tried to reason with an unreasonable person over the internet. We all know how that one goes. If you follow my twitter feed you'll have seen that the situation affected my mental state a lot more than I would have liked, but, if anything, it has helped me realise that I still haven't dealt with a lot of repressed issues from the past when I've experienced similar internet abuse (c/o myspace.com!) and generally just how I feel when I do stand up for myself and the guilt/self-hatred that stems from it. That'll be a good one for Tuesday's psychotherapy appointment! On a more positive note, as I had mentioned in the captions, I did manage to get out today to do some shopping and take my mind off things so the outfit pictures from then will be up soon!

Friday, 11 May 2012


Dress worn as top: Topshop; skirt: vintage (mum's); belt: ASOS; bag: Aldo; boots: ASOS; nails: 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Parma Violet & Barry M Nail Effects in Pink. 

The break in the rain last weekend meant a break from being stuck indoors and a visit to another of my favourite places for a walk, RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate. There's a Betty's Cafe just outside the gardens, where I stuffed my face with their amazing Swiss Alpine Macaroni and a layered chocolate mousse for dessert. I had every intention of photographing them but when I got out my camera I discovered that I'd stupidly left my memory card in my laptop at home so my brother was allocated as the day's photographer and most of these photo's are nicked from him (soz'ard Jonny!)

In terms of my outfit, the other week my mum had dug out this floral skirt from her wardrobe which she actually bought and wore for my christening, so it's basically the same age as me. I figured the blousey floral print would be appropriate for an RHS garden, but of course I had to style it my own way. I thought it would work well paired with a grey marl top and the only one I had that worked with it was my Topshop midi dress, if anything it worked out okay as the skirt is ever so slightly see-through and needed an underskirt anyway so the dress underneath kinda worked in a way. Having said that I think I'd rather pair it with a 90's-esque crop top or maybe an oversized knit. What do you reckon?

Anyway one of the reasons why this place has become a bit of a favourite of mine is that all through my A-Levels it became the go-to place to get photographs of plants/flowers/general greenery. There's been a few updates since my last visit but the little white summer house that became a focal point of a textiles final piece I did back in 2009 was still there looking as super cute as ever. And as you can see my brother's girlfriend, Sarah, and I are pretending to be like little garden pixies and causing mischief. Yep. That's how we roll.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

black & white

Dorothy Perkins 19NINETEEN Step Hem Relaxed Vest & White Cropped Sweat.

As I mentioned in my previous post a week or so ago I won a giveaway hosted by the lovely Vivienne at Haute & Fierce where you could win two pieces of your choice from Dorothy Perkin's new 19NINETEEN collection. It's a capsule collection aimed at a younger, street style influenced audience featuring jersey separates such as these that I think are ideal for layering. I thought I'd have a go at styling the cropped jumper, it was harder to put together in an outfit than I thought, but I think that was mainly as I was having one of those days where whatever I put on didn't look right, for one reason or another. At the moment I really want to play with different lengths/proportions/asymmetry so I layered this River Island asymmetric tunic over a maxi skirt, it wasn't quite the effect I would have liked as I ended up having to get the top in a smaller size as it was all that was left in the sale, so it's nowhere near as oversized and drapey as I would have liked. It's probably almost long enough to wear on it's as a dress but I'm still suffering from a serious aversion to showing off my legs, especially anything above the knee, so the maxi lengths will have to remain for now. I also had to take these photo's quite late on when the light levels were pretty poor so apologies for the grainy appearance. Oh and further apologies for the lovely chipped nail varnish as well!

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins; asymmetric top: River Island; maxi skirt: Topshop; brogues: Topshop; clutch: ASOS; ring: Miss Selfridge; nails: 17 Lasting Fix in Tropical Island.