Wednesday, 25 April 2012

photo diary #10

1, 2 & 3: Disneyland Paris purchases including Minnie Mouse slipper socks, sequinned Minnie Mouse ears, Thumper cushion and Thumper mug; 4: My real-life version of Thumper; 5 & 6: A snapshot of just how eclectic (or just weirdly random, depending on how you look at it) my musical taste can be. Going to see Steps in concert on Friday (already saw them once when I was like 7 or something, my first ever concert I think?) so I dug out all my old CD's of their's for some nostalgic listening. Over a decade later and I still remember all the words. I am not ashamed. Also been listening to Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler a lot this past week. Quality stuff right there. The brother got me Johnny Truant's last album for my birthday, a bit of further nostalgia, this time for my scene kid, mid-teen years. I never got to see them live before they split up as the show I was meant to go to got cancelled. Still pretty gutted about that to this day. Finally we have Bill Bailey's Das Hokey Kokey (yes, it is Bill Bailey doing the Hokey Kokey in the style of Kraftwerk. Oh how I love him.) Found it in a box while digging out the Steps CD's and figured it needed to get on my laptop, sharpish; 7 & 8: Topshop sale purchases. Got this Tall floral slip dress and metallic mesh tank in lilac, hoping the latter will make a good layering piece; 9 - 14: Spent last weekend baking for a charity event held by the RMBF that my mum's on the committee for. I made chocolate flapjacks and brownies from the Green & Black's Chocolate Recipes book (if you like chocolate and baking, GET THIS! The recipes are bloody amazing!) and raspberry ripple cupcakes from the Good Housekeeping Cookery Book. I love baking, I'm not exactly skilled at it but I enjoy it all the same! It was the first time I ever made whipped cream from scratch and used a piping bag. I reckon it wasn't too shabby for my first try!

This photo diary post has ended up covering more like a week and a half, I have been pretty useless at doing anything at all productive since I got back from Paris so I didn't manage to post this at the end of last week as I intended. I've been reducing the dose of anti-depressant medication I take as I really want to come off it altogether in the near future, but I think it's left me at a pretty low ebb, hence the lack of posts. I'm hopefully going to get a couple of sets of outfit photo's done in the next few days so look out for them!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

disneyland paris photo diary #2

Day #4
1: Went to the Walt Disney Studios Park to get started on the rides there! 2 & 3: The Fantasia brooms! I'm wearing Mink Pink skirt, H&M bustier top, vintage denim gilet, New Look parka, ASOS boots, Topshop sunglasses; 4: Anna being ever so slightly mental; 5, 6 & 7: Posing with the Monsters Inc door and Mike Wazowski. I adore Monsters Inc but Anna won't watch it anymore as the Randall character frightened her when she was little. Aww! 8: Adopt a Monster (i.e. me); 9 & 10: Most likely James Hetfield's guitar at the Aerosmith Rock N Roller Coaster. Plus the ride photo, mega-lolz at me gurning; 11-21: The Moteurs.... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular! I probably enjoyed the bit where the guy got set on fire more than I should have. Who doesn't like a bit of pyro though? 22, 23 & 24: Evening meal was at Cafe Mickey where you get to meet Disney characters. We were staying half-board so had set menus to order from at all the restaurants, however I was very pleased with my roasted garlic and pesto mushrooms starter, breaded turkey escalope with cheese and tomato (it was kinda like a turkey version of a parmo, or a parmigiana, to those of you with no knowledge of the North East!) served with Gorgonzola tagliatelle and then dessert was a giant profiterole with hot chocolate fudge sauce and whipped cream. Not too shabby if you ask me!  25, 26 & 27: Obvz we met the characters too! The chipmunks were first to ambush us, I had to use flash for these as I hadn't had chance to fiddle with my camera settings, still cute pic's though! 28: This guy was super creepy, I wasn't entirely sure who he was but I had an idea that he was the baddie from Pocahontas so we asked his minder (yes they have regular people there to look after them!) and she confirmed my suspicions! 29, 30 & 31: We met another baddie in the form of Captain Hook, he kissed my hand and then kissed all the way up Anna's arm, hence the photo! Also met Mr. Smee and as was highly appropriate for Mr. Smee we almost forgot he was actually there! 32, 33, 34 & 35: Eeyore, my god Eeyore! ♥ He was so cute and fuzzy, we all squealed like little girls when he came out. My dad was especially excited, plus he got the first cuddle! 36: We had to wait a while to get a picture with Mickey Mouse, whoever was in the costume was TINY so I felt I should crouch down a bit, hence why Anna looks a lot taller than me! 37 - 41: Ahaha, Goofy! I have a new-found love for Goofy after this. He decided to have a bit of fun during picture taking by pulling both of us onto the floor with him while Mickey just stood there and watched the mayhem unfold. I got a hug from Goofy as well while Anna just got a hair-ruffle which I think she was a bit miffed about. I have a feeling the guy in the costume takes every opportunity to cop a feel of adult females whenever he can and maybe doing the same to Anna might have been a bit paedo-y? Who knows!

Day #5
1 & 2: On our final day we started out back at the Walt Disney Studios mainly so I could finally pluck up the courage to go on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. I have a bit of a lift phobia in general and this ride is basically just a lift gone wrong so it was the first ride in a while that's left me feeling genuinely nervous. I thought I'd highlight my dad and I in the ride picture in case you couldn't quite make us out. I look terrified (or a bit like this) but I actually really enjoyed it! Nothing quite like being dropped vertically from a great height! 3 - 10: Yes, we went back on the "it's a small world" ride. I figured this time I'd get out my zoom lens and have a play with it, these are some of my favourite shots, I especially like the pink llama. And the Canadian mounty, I love mounties. Oh and check out the on-trend pink/lilac hair! 11 & 12: Final few shots of the castle, it looked lovely in the bright sunshine we had for the last couple of days; 13: Pansies. I imagined they were singing; 14: Final shot of the park while everyone was waiting for the parade; 14 & 15: I'm wearing Staple dress, vintage denim gilet, Accessorize bag, ASOS boots; 16 & 17: The sister and I outside the park. Wish I'd got a few shots of the Mickey Mouse shaped flower bed, it was so pretty!

Well this is a pretty huge post, didn't realise quite how many photo's I had! Apologies for any loading difficulties/brain explosion from so much frivolity at once. Hope you've enjoyed seeing my Disneyland experience, it's been nice doing posts like this, reminds me of the one's I used to do. Maybe I can get back into doing more like this? Make sure to let me know in the comments if you would like to see my day out posts make an appearance again!